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María y su equipo son realmente excelentes.nA mi perro le encanta ir aquí y espera con ilusión sus visitas. De hecho, este fin de semana va a ir allí de vacaciones. Gracias por todos sus cuidados y su trabajo ud83dude42

Gente fantástica que realmente se preocupa por sus mascotas. Es un lugar de vacaciones para tus perros y gatos. Su mascota estará muy feliz de quedarse aquí mientras usted está fuera en sus propias vacaciones o cualquier razón que tenga para dejarlos. Pero aquí no tendrá que preocuparse por sus seres queridos en su ausencia. De hecho, es posible que su perro no quiera volver a casa. Excelente trabajo de Iu00f1aki , Maria y su personal.

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Then he goes back to the hotel and here he stays 5 days in quarantine, totally separated from other dogs, so we can start taking care of him both physically and mentally.    Once he is declared healthy he goes upstairs to be with the other dogs and start socializing with them and with people.

The associations come twice a week to take the dogs out to our huge fully fenced run, to socialize with other people, reinforce training and of course to have a blast – with treats and games!

Maria Olofsson, Dip. CABC is a clinical ethologist, specializing in dogs. She works in home visits to see the dog in its own environment. Her commitment is to look for the root of the problem behavior and give you the tools to work with your own animal and have the opportunity to achieve a happy, harmonious and balanced relationship with your pet, whenever possible. A balanced dog enjoys life.PERSONALIZED TRAINING

We are a residence and kennel in Alicante with the possibility of training your pet. In El Rey de la Casa we have created a peaceful, relaxed and comfortable environment, thinking about the welfare of your pet. We try every day that your pet feels loved and at home.

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At the head of Hotel Canino y Felino El Rey de la Casa is Maria Olofsson, Clinical Ethologist specialized in dogs.    She has a team (Bruno, Susana and Fernando) very experienced in both the curative care and behavior of all types of dogs and cats.

We have some rooms for dogs and others totally separated for cats, where your pet can stay one night or many more in a relaxed, comfortable and familiar environment always thinking about the welfare of your best friend.

If you can not attend the course, we can make individual training classes.    And if your dog has a more serious problem such as aggression towards other dogs or people, excessive barking, fears or phobias or any other behavioral problem we can do behavior modification consultations at home.

At El Rey de la Casa we collaborate with several dog rescue associations.    These creatures often come in broken both physically and psychologically. We care for them and rehabilitate them to make them easier to adopt.    Volunteers from these associations come to take the dogs out on the trail to socialize them with people other than us.

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